Extra Large Scientific Illustrations for Booth Displays

An eye catching booth graphic is a great way to draw attention and start conversations at science and medical conferences.

However, sourcing high resolution booth graphics to fill large displays can often be a real challenge.

The image resolutions provided by standard photography and stock graphics are simply not sufficient to fill a wall without looking pixelated up close.

Fortunately our 3d illustration technique allows us to render extremely high resolution graphics that look clear and vibrant from any vantage point.

This knowledge was invaluable when we were recently commissioned to create a large display graphic for a booth at the LINC medical technology conference in Leipzig, Germany.

The project involved creating a product illustration of a medical device at a print size of almost 9 meters wide.

In order to achieve this, we developed extra high resolution versions of the product 3d CAD models which could then be rendered and composited using special large format image files.

The final image was then converted to a standard digital format suitable for printing.