Frequently Asked Questions

How How Do I Contact Science Picture Company?

Address: 127 Baggot Street Lower, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Email: info@sciencepicturecompany.com
Call: +353 1 616 9695

How long does it take to create a scientific or medical illustration?

The production time for each illustration can vary depending on the complexity of the image. As a guideline we generally estimate 1-3 weeks production time for a scientific illustration of medium complexity.

How long does it take to create a medical animation?

The production time for a medical animation can vary depending on the complexity of the animation and the duration of the piece. Other variables such as creating 3d bespoke digital models, adding post production effects and editing voiceover and music will also impacts time and costs. In general we estimate a 4-6 week production turnaround on a 2-3 minute animation once the brief has been finalised.

How much does a custom made medical illustration or animation cost?

The cost for commissioning custom made illustrations and animations will depend on the complexity of the content required.

A photo real marketing illustration of a complex medical device being used in a surgical procedure would typically be more expensive to produce than a simplistic scientific figure for a research paper.

We offer free consultations for projects of all sizes and can cater to a range of budgets without compromising on quality.

Can my medical illustration be animated at a later stage?

Yes, we use similar techniques and software to create both illustrations and animations. This mean that content created for an illustration, such as 3d model files, lighting and textures, can be repurposed to create animated content also.

Animation is a more complicated process than illustration however will factor in any content from a previously created illustration that can be repurposed for animation and adjust the estimate accordingly.

How do I license the stock images?

Our stock images are available through a Rights-managed license model. This mean that you only pay for the particular use required.

To get a quote for a license please contact us using one of the contact forms on our site outlining the intended use and referring to the image code.

Can stock images be customized?

Yes absolutely! All of our stock content is produced in house and can be tailored to your needs by our talented team of artists. Contact us for more information.

Does This Website Use Cookies?

Yes our website use cookies to add to your user experience by saving small amounts of data about your preferences and information. It is our way of remembering you as a user of our website.

Are Science Picture Company the best in the world at creating scientific illustrations and animations?

That’s our mission.