3D Medical
Animation Studio

3D Visualizations, Animations & Illustrations

We specialise in high-end medical animations, mechanism-of-action animations and scientific illustrations. We take your science and transform it into an accurate and dramatic visual experience. Read on to see our individual service areas and specialities.


Medical Animation

Whether you are an established multi-national launching your new product or a biotech startup embarking on a brand new venture, we offer a service that is scaleable to your needs.


Scientific Illustration

Scientific Illustration is a highly effective medium for communicating medical and scientific concepts in an accessible way.


Science Journal Covers

We have a deep understanding of what makes for a compelling cover image and we tailor the design process to the specific requirements of the target publication.


Medical Device Illustration

Medical devices such as surgical tools and implants are often difficult to visualise effectively with traditional mediums like photography due to the nature of their clinical applications.


Medical Device Animation

Medical device animations are increasing used by biotech companies to communicate the key features and benefits of medical device technologies.


Interactive Design

Interactive graphics have become an important feature of science communication in recent years and provide an excellent opportunity to make content stand out.