Interactive Design

Interactive graphics have become an important feature of science communication in recent years and provide an excellent opportunity to make content stand out in the increasingly media rich landscape.

Rather than simply presenting a still image or video of a subject matter to be passively observed, interactive design content can also help engage the user with the subject more directly.

For medical device visualisation, an interactive rotation of the product can help give the user a better sense of the device’s shape, materials and features. It can also be a valuable tool for sales teams when discussing the product in a remote or virtual setting.

For healthcare communication, an interactive graphic that provides additional information based on the users input can provide a more contextualised and engaging experience.

Interactive designs vary in complexity from simple website graphics to fully immersive virtual reality experiences.

Our award winning 3D design team has worked on interactive content for a wide range of clients and platforms.

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Why invest in an interactive graphic

  • Interactive graphics can create higher levels of user engagement.
  • An interactive graphic can stimulate interest and attract attention.
  • Interactive graphics can provide a more tailored, user driven experience.
  • An interactive experience can help you to stand out at events and increase brand awareness.

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