Medical Animation

3D medical animation is a powerful tool for communicating medical science with precision and clarity.

In recent years medical animations have increasingly become an essential part of medical marketing campaigns, patient education programs and investment pitches in the biomedical industries.

At Science Picture Co we offer a comprehensive medical animation service that will bring your science to life in a compelling cinematic video.
Our experienced team has a unique combination of digital animation expertise and medical science knowledge developed through years of working and innovating in the medical animation industry.

We have extensive experience creating animations for drug mechanism of actions, surgical procedures, anatomical and microbiological processes, medical devices and more.

Since 2008 we had the privilege to work with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical healthcare companies and communication agencies on diverse range of projects.

Whether you are an established multi-national launching your new product or a biotech startup embarking on a brand new venture, we offer a service that is scaleable to your needs.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today and tell us about your project.

Why invest in a medical animation?

  • Medical animations are ideal to showcase new products at launch.
  • A short medical animation can explain even complex processes succinctly.
  • Medical animations are highly effective for patient education and engagement.
  • A high quality medical animation will help you stand out at events and increase brand awareness.
  • Medical animation is a great tool to demonstrate proof of concept to investors.
  • Incorporating a medical animation into your presentation can make it significantly more engaging and memorable.

  • Medical animations can help promote interest through media engagement.

  • Medical animations can be distributed through a wide variety of platforms.

  • An eye catching medical animation can attract attention at trade shows & conferences and can be a great conversation starter.

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