Medical Device

Medical Device Illustration

Medical devices such as surgical tools and implants are often difficult to visualise effectively with traditional mediums like photography due to the nature of their clinical applications. 

Medical device illustration provides an elegant solution to this problem, enabling photorealistic images of devices in medical scenarios with clarity and precision.
For products in development or in the process of design revision, digital illustration also offers the flexibility to quickly visualize new designs that don’t physically exist.

Our 3D design team has extensive experience working with medical device companies to produce beautiful and accurate renderings for a wide range of devices including arterial stents, orthopaedic implants, neuromodulation implants, surgical robots and more.

Whether you are a large medical device company looking to upgrade you product images or a startup looking to visualize a new technology we offer a service that is scaleable to your needs.

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Why invest in a medical device illustration?

  • A medical device illustration can quickly show how a product works and communicate the key benefits.
  • A device illustration is a great way to showcase new products at launch and can be a focal point of a website design or other marketing material.
  • A medical device illustration can show how a product interacts with the body in a way not possible to capture with photography.
  • Medical device illustrations are highly effective for patient education and engagement.
  • A high quality illustration of your device will help you stand out at events and increase brand awareness.
  • Medical device illustration is a great tool to demonstrate proof of concept to investors.
  • Incorporating an illustration of your product into your presentation can make it significantly more engaging and memorable.
  • 3D illustration can show additional workings and components of devices with sectional views or exploded views.

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